Technology Myths
Technology Myths

5 Technology Myths

Technology Myths

   Myth #1:

Technology Myths Your computer’s speed is affected by the quantity of RAM it has. The majority of erroneous computer professionals believe that a computer with more RAM, or random-access memory, will perform better overall. RAM, which is simply a temporary storage region, is used to summon active applications. This super-fast storage area has no other purpose except to allow you to run numerous programs at the same time. While more RAM is necessary and improves your computer, it is not a cure-all. It doesn’t have hyper-loading capabilities, but depending on how much work you put on the computer and how intense the program is, you may notice modest improvements.

Myth #2: 

“Safely disconnecting USB” prevents data loss. USB drives may appear to operate in the same way that they did 10 years ago: plug it in, download data, select “safely remove USB,” and remove the drive. Simple, however, are you aware of what happens to your computer and USB disc if you choose “safely remove USB”? When you select this option, your computer ensures that no data from the disc is delivered or received. If you’re not saving or retrieving data from your USB device, there’s no harm in deleting it.

Myth #3:

It’s unsafe to use your smartphone while it’s charging. Because this mistake is so common, we thought we’d address it. People have been led to believe that using a device while it is charging could result in burns, flames, or even explosions, based on occurrences such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fire. While it’s true that using your smartphone while it’s plugged in generates extra heat, cellphones are designed to be used while charging.

Myth #4: 

You should never use a charger made by a different company. Take a peek at a real phone manufacturer’s Q&A regarding charging their devices.”To minimize lengthy charging durations or other charging complications, use a factory wall socket and USB charging cable.” Using a lesser-known charger brand may damage your gadget or destroy the battery, according to a frequent corporate fallacy. The truth is that your phone has no idea who made your charger and doesn’t care. All your phone searches for when you plug it in is a charge to store. We don’t recommend buying the cheapest, the most low-quality charger you can find, but if you need to charge your phone, this is the way to go.

Myth #5: 

If I use a private (or incognito) browser, I can disguise my identity.

Private browsing is occasionally used for no apparent reason. It will not convert you into a ghost, nor will it render you unhackable or untraceable. A private browser does nothing but ignore locally saved data and delete any additional localized data added while the browser is open. Any external source can still monitor your activity. For a secure and private experience, you’ll need a virtual private network.

Do you have any other myths you’d want us to debunk? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, and be sure to check out our blog for more tech news.

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