Android vs IOS Phone Chipset Comparison

Android vs IOS Phone Chipset Comparison

 Android vs  iPhone Phone

What is Chipset?

The processor in your smartphone, also known as the chipset, is a component that controls and maintains the proper operation of your smartphone. It is analogous to the human brain. Every action you take on your smartphone is directly transmitted to the processor. Chipsets are used in mobile phones, Tv, computers, washing machines, and many other tech devices.

In iPhones, Apple bionic chipsets are used and upgraded every year when a new iPhone is launched. And the latest Apple Bionic chipset is the Apple bionic A15.

In addition android, there are different companies of chipsets like Samsung that use Exynos. Vivo, Oppo, and Realme use MediaTek, and some other companies use Snapdragon chipsets. In Android phones, the most powerful chipset is the Snapdragon (SD 8 gen1).

Specification of A15 Bionic

 Android vs  iPhone Phone
  • Frequency              →        3.223 MHz
  • Cores                      →        6
  • Instruction set       →       ARMv8.5-A
  • L2 cache                 →       8MB
  • Process                   →       5 nanometers

Specification of Snapdragon 8 gen 1

 Android vs  iPhone Phone
  • Frequency              →        3.000 MHz
  • Cores                      →        8
  • Instruction set       →       ARMv9-A
  • L2 cache                 →       1MB
  • Process                   →       4 nanometers

This is are the basic specification we are going to compare.


  1. According to my point of view, the first thing everyone should know is when did both chipsets launch. “A15 Bionic was launched on September 14, 2021,” and “Snapdragon 8 gen 1 was launched on May 20, 2022.” the launch date plays an important role in this competition because when A15 was launched the specification was out and snapdragon had much time to make better than that and it did.

Here are the chipset GeekBench 5 Results.

  1. Apple develops its own processors for its products (iPhone, iPad, etc). As a result, they comprehend the requirements and reap the benefits of their own software, iOS. They have complete control over both software and hardware and can optimize them to work in tandem without sacrificing performance. Apple is easier to maintain because it has fewer devices. They design and manufacture their own hardware and software.  While Qualcomm and Mediatek chipsets are the most commonly used in Android devices. They are generic chipsets made for a variety of device manufacturers. They must serve large manufacturers and have no software control. These businesses then modify Android and install their own software. 
  1. The speed is also decided by how optimized the operating system is and in this apple ios and Apple A15 Bionic are designed for each other to work perfectly.
  1. While in android the operating system is not that optimized on every type of smartphone which uses android. The manufacturer customizes the os according to them. And this too affects the speed.

Operating System

Now, let’s Compare the operating system used in iPhone and Android devices. In iPhone, ios are used as the operating system and the latest ios version is IOS 15.5, and in Android, the operating system used is called Android is made by Google and Android, and the latest version of Android is Android 12. 

Aside from the main iOS vs. Android debate, both operating systems have received significant updates. Android 12 introduces the Material You design language, which caters to you with casual theming, which represents a significant design shift from previous versions. A new privacy dashboard and a slew of other improvements are also included. If you’re interested, read our Android 12 article.

With iOS 15, we get a new Focus mode, a slight redesign of notifications, updates to many core apps such as FaceTime and Wallet, and a slew of other changes that we won’t go over here.

However, neither of these updates changes or strengthens the strengths of Android or iOS. Furthermore, despite vast differences,


What should you choose?

So, do you want an iPhone or an Android? Both platforms have advantages and disadvantages, and your decision will be influenced by what you value the most.

Having an iPhone makes life easier and more enjoyable. There’s less to think about, and because Apple’s iPhone is the most popular smartphone brand, there’s always plenty of assistance available — whether you need a new battery or a new case.

In these ways, owning an Android device is more difficult. It is more liberating, however, because it gives you more choices — choices for how much money you want to spend, choices for hardware and software features, and choices for how you organize and personalize your experience. If this is true,

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