We all know Elon Musk, he is an American Entrepreneur Who is the CEO of Tesla Motors, Space X, he is co-founder of Neuralink and Open AI. Ours, today’s topic is about Neuralink.

Neuralink is Elon Musk co-founded a company that makes Neuralink,  Neuralink is to Treat spinal cord Neuralink is an artificial intelligence chip that is implanted in the brain, and with the help of this chip, we can control computers and other technology. Neuralink is a company that Elon Musk co-founded that manufactures Neuralink, and Neuralink is used to treat spinal cord injuries and neurological diseases.

It can also show what are you thinking and imagining on the computers, life will be easier with help of Neuralink. But this has many pros and cons.


  • It can help paralyzed people to communicate with family 
  • It can help to show people what they are imagining and this can help in a lot of ways
  • It can help handicapped people to operate things directly from the brain

(you can drive a car through this thinking in the brain where to turn and what speed to maintain, everything could be done through this which include tech, We humans will able to communicate with other people through Neuralink directly through brains like an aline we see in movies.)


(As we have lots of cons and benefits with help of Neuralink but this has many cons and will bring many problems to human life, and the major cons are.)

  • It can be hacked
  • It can make a human lazy and the life span of human shorter 
  • It can control a human 

(It can convert a human into robots anyone who hacks can control it for an example:- Think you are imagining your private life and you have implanted Neuralink and someone hacked it and you don’t know and he can see what are you thinking about so there is no privacy in your life.)

Can Elon Musk control you through Neuralink?

The answer is yes, anything that is computerized can be hacked and be controlled by hackers. But let us assume that everyone on the earth has implanted Neuralink and all the Neuralink will have an address like an IP address (Internet Protocol Adress) which is used to identify which device it is, in simple language, it is like a name but all the Ip’s are unique and this defines the device. So, Elon Musk will have all the details and can do whatever he wants, let me explain to you with an example.


Suppose Bill Gates has implanted Neuralink and the IP address of his Neuralink is   (185.656.05.05 ) and Elon Musk will have these details so he will take control to Bill Gates Neuralink and control Bill Gates and he can make Bill Gates whatever he wants to make him do 

 He can transfer all the property of Bill Gates to himself, he can make Bill Gates kill someone and many more. He even can erase his memory 

Even he can control the world through this technology, he can rule this or not him then any other person can do this.

In the world of technology, anything is not secured. Anything can be hacked and it’s not fully hackproof.

So this technology is not meant for everyone it should not get into the wrong person or wrong use.

In the worst scenario, the whole human civilization can be destroyed at once. 

We have done a lot of research on this and going to bring this topic part vise so people don’t get bored. For more updates and tech-related news enroll our blogs.

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